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Cattle Purchasing

J and P Livestock is your source for fresh great quality northern cattle.

Napoleon Livestock aerial view.jpg

We own and operate Napoleon Livestock, Napoleon, ND. We market over 100,000 cattle through our barn yearly. Our Thursday sales can be viewed live at and cattle can be directly purchased via the internet by registered buyers. Check out for weekly consignment pictures and videos. Napoleon Livestock features: Large yearling runs in the falls with many large strings of yearlings (500 to 1000 hd) coming off grass. Large calves runs in October and November. Many calves with complete vaccination programs. J and P Livestock also has access to various starter/grower yards in the area. These yards will wean and start calves and feed them from 30 to 60 days or longer. These are well established reputable yards managed by knowledgeable cattlemen. References are available. Large Feeder cattle runs from January to April. Selling approximately 3000 to 5000 head every Thursday.

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