About Us

J&P Livestock is a progressive, family owned livestock operation based out of South-Central North Dakota. With a significant expansion project completed in 2018, the feedlot currently has 8,000 head of cattle on feed. The recent expansion included the construction of North Dakota’s first beef confinement barn and construction has started on a second barn to be completed in the fall of 2019. In addition to the feedlot, the J&P Livestock farming operation produces most of the corn and hay used for feed. We pride ourselves in using innovative technology, top of the line facilities, and late-model machinery to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Contact Us:

3060 68th St SE 
Napoleon, ND 58561

Jim's Cell Phone: 701-226-6197

Paul's Cell Phone: 701-226-6199

Email: jplivestock@gmail.com​