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Bull Rentals

(From May-October)

Why buy a $3000+ bull for 60 days of use? That could get injured or die. Ever put one bull in a pasture and worry? Grab a yearling bull to ensure your cows get bred.

  • All breeds and colors of bulls for rent

  • Semen and tric tested

  • Charge for the season so if a bull gets hurt, you don’t like him, or he’s lazy bring him back and pick out a different one

  • Poured with dectomax, given cattlemaster gold 5, and spirovac. 

  • $1350 yearling $1850 2 to 4 year old bulls, any heifer bulls $1850.

We have quality bulls that get the job done and when your done bring them back and not have to feed them through the winter. Stop by and pick out a quality bull that fits your herd best! For any questions give Dylan a call at (701) 321-0672.

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Bull 2_edited.jpg
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